Double Glazed Door Repair Service in Bromley and Beckenham

Double Glazing Door Replacement in Bromley & Beckenham

Repairing your double glazed door does not mean that you need to change the entire door system. At AP Windows & Doors, we can repair doors by simply adjusting or replacing the hinges, the locking mechanism or the glazed units, as required. We have been providing door repair services in Bromley and Beckenham for over 20 years. No job is too big or too small for us to handle as we have repaired many types of double glazed doors. Our repair services covers:

Lock Changes

The security of your home is our top priority, and the effectiveness of your door’s locking mechanism is among the most important factors that deter intruders. We provide replacement door locks to protect your home from break-ins. Our highly trained and experienced door specialists will fit your door locks on-site and make sure they are secure and fully functional.

Misted Glass Panes

If the glass panes of your door have become misted or cloudy, this means the current seal on your unit has failed. Our team of door specialists can repair many types of double glazed doors that have become misted. They make sure that your door has an airtight seal to prevent condensation from forming in between the glass panes. If you prefer to replace the glass panes, we have new ones in stock to restore the clarity of your door as when it was first installed.

Draughty Doors

Our door specialists identify where the draught spots on your doors are before starting any physical work. This type of repair is often quick and has an instant impact on your heating bills. Sometimes, a simple realignment of the door frame is all that’s needed to cover where the draught passes through. When realigning your door, our specialists make sure your locks and hinges function properly and your door opens and closes smoothly.

For any enquiries about our door repair services, call 0208 090 3500.

  • We repair/replace misted double glazed panes of glass in doors
  • If necessary we can quote for & replace sealed units that cannot be repaired
  • No job too big or small
  • Areas Covered – Bromley – OrpingtonBexley – BickleyChislehurst
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