Window Repair Services in Croydon

Cracked or broken windows depreciate the value of your property. For double glazed windows specifically, misted panes or broken panes are a frequent problem. These decrease the aesthetic value of your property as well as pose security and safety threats. As such, AP Windows offers different window repair services to clients throughout Croydon. We specialise in double glazed windows.

Misted Double Glazed Panes

Your misted double glazed windows mean two things: either the vacuum seal is compromised or there is a crack on the glass pane. The breach allows condensation to enter between the interior and exterior pane, which causes visibility issues.

AP Windows’ specialists replace the glass panes to restore the clarity and original look of your window, just as it looked when it was first installed. Our repair services ensure your window is vacuum sealed and safe from  weather conditions.

Damaged Locks and Hinges

Broken locks and hinges compromise the security of your home. Our window technicians determine whether the components need to be replaced or if a few fixes are sufficient. The goal of every window repair work we do in Croydon is to ensure the functionality of hinges and other components in the multi-point locking mechanism to achieve your maximum security.

Improperly fitted windows also affect the efficiency of your HVAC system, which increase your utility bills. In this instance, our team realigns your window to prevent drafts from entering. We also make sure that your windows adhere to BS 7950 security standard.

Broken Glass Panes

Even the smallest cracks on the window’s glass cause it to shatter. It also allows draft to enter your house, causing an almost immediate impact on your heating bills. Call a professional the moment you notice the damage. Our specialists will replace the broken pane to prevent major repercussions.

Reliable Repair Services for Windows

AP Windows is your trusted window repair service provider. Our specialists are trained to address any window concern, especially double glazed windows. With over 20 years of knowledge and expertise in the industry, Croydon customers can trust our high-quality, affordable window repair services.

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