Double Glazed Windows In Chislehurst

At AP Windows & Doors, we offer homeowners in Chislehurst a double glazed window system that is designed to be beautiful and highly functional. It is a cost-efficient way to save on energy expenses and to increase your home’s security. Our team of window installers use their 20 years of experience to provide you with a window system that has a 10-year insured independent guarantee.

Better Temperature Control

Artificial heaters and air conditioners contribute a lot to your power expenses. Installing double glazed windows helps you better manage the temperature in your home. The two panes of glass provide additional thermal insulation that manages the heat your home loses in the winter or gains in the summer.

Lessen Noise Pollution

For homes that are located in highly populated areas, noise is a common problem. A double glazed window system reduces the sounds that come in your home as it provides acoustic insulation. The acoustic airtight seal with the additional layer of space between the two glass panes absorbs more noise than single glazed windows.

Additional Security

The design and composition of double glazed windows provide additional security for your home. We use intruder-proof glass in our window systems to make it difficult to break through. Additionally, you can request for a multi-lock system that ensures that your windows cannot be forced open from the outside.

Reduce Condensation

Condensation is a natural occurrence that can turn problematic when there is too much of it or when it is too frequent. When left untreated, it can lead to water damage or dangerous mould.

Installing double glazed windows in your home can reduce the formation of condensation. The thermal insulation the two panes of glass provides lowers the amount of moisture build-up in your windows as it reflects heat back into your home.

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