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If you are considering changing the windows in your home, double glazed windows may very we be the most beneficial option. Double glazed windows are formed from two panes of glass with the space in between filled with Argon, Xenon or dehydrated air. The two glass panes are separated by an aluminium spacer and form a layer of insulation.

At AP Windows & Doors, we specialise in installing beautifully designed, thermally efficient double glazed windows. Our team of installers has over 20 years of experience installing windows in Bickley. We offer four types of double glazed windows:

All our windows come with a 10-year insured independent guarantee.

Our windows offer many benefits such as:

Added Security

Double glazed windows provide excellent security for your home. The composition and design of its intruder-proof glass make it difficult to break through. Some double glazed windows come with a multi-lock system that ensures the windows cannot be forced open from the outside.

Lessening Condensation

Due to the two panes of glass, condensation is greatly reduced. The thermal insulation of the windows reflects heat back to the inside of your home. This prevents moisture from forming on the windows, eliminating the need to wipe watermarks as the temperature changes.


Some double glazed window frames have rubber seals to ensure that no draughts can get through the windows, even if they are closed. Other than rubber seals, some frames are made of aluminium or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride.

Acoustic Insulation

The double glazing provides acoustic insulation by effectively reducing the noise level outdoors. The windows work well for homes located in highly populated areas or near a busy road. Not only will the windows protect your home from noise pollution, they will also help to sound-proof your home, so you don’t have to worry about getting a noise complaint from your neighbours.

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