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For first impressions, your home’s external door plays a major part. It is one of the first things your guests and neighbours notice when they pay you a visit.  As well as providing protection to your house from the elements and security from unwanted visitors, if you choose double glazed doors, you also let in natural light while keeping out the cold.

Your home’s entry points should be functional, durable, and stylish. If you find that your door can’t fulfil these three tasks anymore, it’s time for a repair. For over 20 years, AP Windows & Doors have been providing double glazed door repair services in Bickley. We can restore your double glazed doors by simply adjusting and replacing the hinges, the locking mechanisms, or the glazed units.

No matter what’s wrong with your home’s double glazed door, AP Windows & Doors has a solution for it.

Lock Problems

One of the main purposes of your door is to secure your home and keep you and your family safe from intruders. With our door lock replacement service, our team of trained and experienced door specialists will fix your door’s locking mechanism and make sure your door locks are steadfast and fully functional.

Misted Glass Panes

If the glass panes of your door have become misted or cloudy, this can only mean that there is a problem in the sealing of your glazing unit. Our experienced door specialists have solved many misted double glazed doors in the past, so will have no problem sorting out the fault. Our door specialists will ensure that your door glazing is airtight to avoid condensation from forming in between the glass panels.

Draughty Doors

A draughty door can quickly lead to an increase in your heating bills. To avoid this unwanted expense, our door specialists can quickly realign the door frame and block the area where the draught passed through.

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