High-Quality Double Glazing for Homes in Sidcup

AP Windows & Doors has been installing A-rated, high-performance double glazed windows across the UK for more than two decades. We have a dedicated team of installers who are committed to meeting and exceeding your standards. During installation, we aim to minimise disruption by installing the windows as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What Sets Double Glazing Apart from Other Windows

Compared to single-pane traditional windows, double glazed windows combine two panes of glass. The panes of glass are separated by a spacer and a layer of air. The two panes are fitted into window frames, which are made wider for double glazed windows.

The Advantages of Double Glazed Windows in Sidcup

If you want to upgrade your windows into energy-efficient ones, double glazed windows are an ideal choice. The double glazing prevents heat from entering your home. This feature lessens your reliance on air conditioners and artificial heaters, which can reduce your energy costs.

In contrast, double glazing provides the reverse effect in the winter. The sealed air gap between the glass panes acts as a layer of insulation. This reduces the amount of outgoing heat during winter, which gives your home a cosy, warm temperature.

It is not only the temperature of your home that affects your comfort – the temperature of your window glass, does, too. With double glazing, it’s harder for outside temperature to pass through your window. This leaves the inner pane of glass closer to the temperature of your room, making it comfortable to stay in no matter the weather.

Nothing Less than Quality Products

At AP Windows & Doors, we offer four types of double glazed windows: Casement, Heritage, Sash and Tilt & Turn windows. Our windows are made from either high-quality aluminium or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC). The windows made from UPVC feature Planitherm Low-E glass, and are Argon-filled with Swiss spacer bars.

Improve the security of your home with our double glazed windows. Get in touch with us on 0208 090 3500 for a quick quote.

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