Double Glazed Window Installation in Bromley

Looking for the right double glazed window installer in Bromley? We at AP Windows & Doors are at your service. We have installed various types of double glazed windows in many homes in Bromley. Our windows are constructed from UPVC with Planitherm Low-E glass. Some have Swiss spacer bars filled with argon and are made of high-grade aluminium.

We guarantee that our double glazed windows are durable, corrosion-resistant and can last for years. They comply with BS7950 security standards and include a multi-point locking mechanism to secure your property.

Our windows come with numerous advantages to you:

Safe and Tough

When enhancing the security of your home, double glazed windows are the right choice. They outperform single-pane windows in terms of strength. Furthermore, because to their particularly tight seal, they are tougher and difficult to force open from the outside.

Sound Insulation

Your home’s double-glazed windows can also serve as a sound barrier. Its two panes of glass create a sound barrier between your home and the noise outdoors.

Reduce Damage to Furniture

Due to the windowâ€TMs thick panes of glass, it can curb the amount of sunlight that enters a room. This helps reduce light damage to your furniture and other objects in your home.

Energy Cost Savings

The airtight construction of our windows provides thermal insulation to your home. This means that it reduces the flow of outgoing and incoming heat. If you have double glazed windows in your home, less energy is used to cool down or heat up a room, which results in a lower energy bill.

Prevent Condensation

Drops of water are formed when moisture touches a warm surface; these drops can freeze in cold conditions. This can make your home colder, which prompts you to increase the temperature of your thermostat. The space between the two glass panes and the airtight seal of double glazed windows prevents condensation from building, as it resists moisture formation during cold weather.

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