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Door Repair Services in Orpington

Orpington gets a significant amount of rainfall year-round, which cannot be good for your glass doors and windows. Double glazed doors specifically may form mist in between the panes, causing visibility problems. Rust may also accumulate on the hinges and locks.

AP Windows has the team and resources to resolve such problems. Using our industry experience and expertise, we provide superior door repair services to customers throughout Orpington.

Broken Glass Panes

Damaged glass panes not only decrease the aesthetic value of your property, they also compromise your safety and security. Whether the damage is due to an accident, tampering or wear and tear, our specialists will determine the best course of action for your double glazed doors.

Even the slightest crack has the potential to create significant damage. It can grow large enough to break your entire door and impact the heating and cooling system of your house. We can change the broken panes as soon as you notice the damage. Our door technicians are trained to replace the interior or exterior glass in a timely manner.

Misted Double Glazed Panes

If there is an overlooked crack on the panes or a broken seal, condensation can enter between the interior and exterior glass. This creates mist on the double glazed door. Resealing the panes may cause visibility problems in the long run. With our meticulous repair method, your double glazed doors will be protected from Orpington’s weather conditions. If you prefer replacement, however, we will get new ones in stock to restore your door.

Damaged Locks and Hinges

Moisture can damage the metal locks and hinges on your doors, causing them to form rust. We give utmost importance on the efficacy of your door’s locking mechanism as this is a critical defense against intruders. AP Window’s specialists will replace the damaged locks and hinges and ensure that each component functions properly in the locking mechanism.

Reliable Repair Services for Doors

As a window and door specialist for more than 20 years, AP Windows has the expertise and knowledge to replace and repair doors in Orpington. We work with bifold doors, composite doors, French and patio doors, and single residential doors. Our team of highly trained technicians will assess the damage and determine which course of action would be best.

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