Window Repair Services in Medway

Medway is a generally wet area since it gets plenty of rain all year. This significant amount of rainfall, however, may damage your windows, especially when they are left unchecked. The glass panes on double glazed windows may mist over in the wet seasons if the seal is compromised. As such, AP Windows provides professional repair services for double glazed windows in Medway.

Broken Glass Panes

The glass panes on your double glazed windows may sustain damage whether by accident, wear and tear or tampering. The shattered glass may injure your family or guests, so it is best to have your windows fixed immediately. AP Windows’ specialists replace the damaged pane to prevent hazardous situations. Additionally, the replacement restores the original condition of your window, making it look good as new.

Misted Double Glazed Panes

Moisture can seep in between the glass panes of your double glazed windows, causing visibility issues. Misted double glazed windows are an eyesore, which may depreciate the value of your property. A simple replacement of the glass panes may not be enough. Our meticulous repair procedure ensures that the new panes are vacuum sealed and protected from harsh weather conditions.

Damaged Locks and Hinges

Damaged window locks undermine your home’s security since these are your foremost defences against break-ins. We replace non-functional locks and ensure that all the components are working in the multi-point locking system. Our window repairs in Medway will provide further protection to your property and ensure that your windows follow the BS 7950 security standard.

Improperly fitted hinges cause gaps on the sides of your window. These spaces allow draft into your home, lowering the efficiency of your HVAC system. We can replace or refit the hinges to remove the gaps on the sides.

Reliable Window Repair Services

AP Windows has a team of technicians armed with experience and expertise in window repairs. We are dedicated to understanding your concern to determine the best possible course of action. We can handle any type of double glazing, from aluminium to UPVC.

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