West Wickham’s Trusted Builder of Conservatories

Give your home an upgrade; add a conservatory by AP Windows. We are an established contractor of conservatories in West Wickham with a reputation for delivering excellent services and using materials of exceptional quality.

With our collaborative approach regarding design, you can be confident that the conservatory we build will enhance your home’s ambience and appearance. More importantly, we ensure the conservatory’s placement and design will be ideal for whatever purposes you have in mind.

Why a Conservatory?

There is much to gain by adding a conservatory to your home instead of renovating it or constructing concrete-walled rooms.

Conservatories are versatile spaces that you can quickly convert from a private domain into an open and inviting receiving area. It’s suitable as a living area, dining room, office and library. It even works as a bedroom; all you need are blackout and soundproof curtains for when you retire for the night. With their glass walls, doors, and ceilings, conservatories let you enjoy benefits you won’t easily get from a typical room.

  • Ability to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home
  • Gorgeous natural lighting (the sunlight illuminates not only your conservatory but also the rooms beyond)
  • Fresh air streaming in through wide, glass doors
  • Savings on lighting and cooling bills
  • Extended interior space that you could connect to an outdoor veranda, pool or garden

You’ll have a greater appreciation for these perks every summer when the weather is mild and the temperature stays a pleasant 20–25°C. Picture this: your conservatory doors and windows open, the thin curtains swaying softly in the breeze while you lounge inside comfortably while reading a book or enjoying a cuppa.

Conservatories by AP Windows

You can bring to life your vision of an ideal conservatory with the help of AP Windows. We provide a selection of high-quality materials (e.g., polycarbonate insulated glass or solar-controlled glass) and four standard designs that you can build on to match your home and personal taste.

  • Timeless Victorian
  • Space-efficient Georgian or Edwardian
  • Versatile and flexible Gable
  • Low-maintenance Lean-to or Sun Room

As an established conservatory builder in West Wickham, we have a refined process that guarantees minimum disruption and clean, precise work. We also provide a 10-year insurance guarantee from Independent Warranty Association (IWA) on all our installations.

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