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The external doors of your house are a critical component in providing protection from possible break-ins and intruders. If your door is not in good condition, not only does it put the security of your home at risk, it decreases the overall aesthetics of your house and creates a major drain on the heating system by reducing its insulation capabilities.

At AP Windows & Doors, we are committed to resolving any problem you may encounter from a faulty double glazed door. We offer door repair services in Chislehurst such as adjusting and replacing the hinges, solving lock problems and replacing damaged glazed units.  Our well-trained and highly-experienced door specialists have been providing door repair services for over 20 years, and have helped improve many homes in Chislehurst.

Our repair services deal with many problems, including the more common issues:

Misted Double Glazed Panes

Cracks on your double glazed panes may be unnoticeable but they can have a huge impact on your door’s functions. These overlooked cracks let condensation enter between the interior and exterior of the glass, making the surface inside the cavity mist up.

Damaged Glass Panes

Aside from decreasing the aesthetic of your home, the problem of broken glass panes can also affect the safety and security of your home. A small crack on your door’s glass panes can eventually turn into a bigger problem. Our team of door specialists can return your double glazed door to perfect condition, whether the damage was due to an accident or just simple wear and tear.

Locks and Hinges Problems

One of your door’s main purposes is to keep you and your family safe inside your home. With a locking problem, your double glazed door will not be able to do this. AP Doors & Windows repair team can replace your door’s damaged locks and ensure that the newly-installed one is fully functional.

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