Composite Door Installation Petts Wood

Composite Door Installation in Petts Wood

They may look as simple as your run-of-the-mill front door, but the composite doors for Petts Wood properties we provide are efficient, secure and built to last a long time compared to your typical single-material doors.

Durability is the Game

Composite doors are built to endure the wrath of the elements outside. Whether it is staggering winds, torrential rains or a blast of sunlight that’s facing your well-installed composite door, expect that nothing will wear it down because of its high thermal and weathering resistance.

These doors were developed and designed by taking into consideration the common flaws and weaknesses of your typical singular-material doors. From insulation to weatherproofing to further strength and sturdiness, composite doors can be the ultimate, secure front or back door without eschewing visual appeal.

Our high-quality composite doors are manufactured with the highest industry standards in mind. All these come from the high-quality materials our composite doors are built of, with the end-products having a fully reinforced (with laminated veneer lumber), triple-sealed outer frame with beautifully crafted aesthetic. It also has some added features, such as an excellent thermal and sound insulation, multi-point security locking system and triple-glazed glass.

Form and Function Combined

Combining form and function, these doors are constructed with aesthetics in mind. As such, we offer a wide variety of door styles, with varying colours and decorative glass options.

You can go with a more private affair for a door, accented with decorative glass to enhance its appeal. On the other hand, you can also try to let the light in with a secure door with a large decorative glass on display. This door can even be customised, turning it into either a modernesque glass showcase or a simple, yet classy Georgian/Cassette classic-panelled door.

Combining form and function to create a safe, secure, insulated and visually appealing—that’s what we strive for when installing these composite doors in Petts Wood properties. Simply get in touch with us today or call us on 0208 090 3500 to learn more.

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Provide a safe, sturdy and stunning entrance to your home with composite doors from AP Windows. With their exceptional security features, remarkable durability and excellent thermal efficiency, our composite doors are sure to make a statement on your property.

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Technical Information

The depression moulded GRP skins, giving the authentic timber look, are then bonded to this subframe and its core filled with high density, 100% CFC-free
polyurethane foam.

The fully reinforced, triple sealed outer frame, the multi-point security locking system and the unique adjustable hinges make the Consort Magnum a real
heavyweight performer that retains an amazingly light, yet positive easy feel.

  • Triple glazed 6.8mm laminated, toughened glass
  • Standard 5 point locking system with hooks and roller cams
  • Security handle set
  • Anti-bump cylinder locks
  • Unique fully adjustable 3D hinges rebated into the 44mm door for a discreet
    and perfect fit
  • Triple sealed – giving double the weather protection of a standard flush door
  • Impact-resistant thermoset GRP skin will not expand, contract or crack
  • Maintenance free – just wipe clean and never needs painting
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