Double Glazed Window Installation Specialists in Croydon

Keep your home cool in the summer and cosy in the winter by upgrading from single-pane to double glazed windows. They are specifically designed to reduce heat transmission from one side to the other. With these windows, Croydon residents can enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures all year without driving electricity bills through the roof.

Double Glazing is a Worthy Investment

Timeless and practical home improvements are the ones that bring the most value to a property.

Our double glazed windows fit the bill. They are Class A products made from high-quality aluminium or uPVC and high-performance, thermally-insulated Low E glass by Planitherm. Swiss spacer bars keep the glass panels in place, and the space between them contains argon gas. Argon, with its low reactivity and conductivity properties, is an excellent insulator for double glazing. Finally, our windows have a multi-point locking design as an added security feature.

With these impressive specs, our double glazed windows provide a host of benefits:

  • Regulated indoor temperature – Thanks to the argon insulation, heat won’t easily escape or penetrate your home.
  • Savings on electricity bills – With a controlled indoor temperature, your heating and cooling systems have to work overtime.
  • Improved security – Double glazed glass is harder to break than single-pane glass.
  • Less noise – Double glazed windows can block noise from outside your home.
  • Reduced colour fading and deterioration in furniture – Less UV radiation passes through double glazed glass.
  • Lower risk of mould – Condensation is less likely to form on double glazed windows so moisture won’t pool in your window frames.

Installations by AP Windows

When choosing a contractor to provide and install double glazed windows, you can’t go wrong with a team with 20 years of experience and a reputation for quality work.

AP Windows is a trusted installations company specialising in double glazed windows, composite doors, and conservatories. We are based in Beckenham and provide exceptional products and installation services to residents in Croydon and other towns in Kent.

We offer four standard window designs:

  • Casement
  • Tilt & Turn
  • Sash
  • Heritage

Feel free to consult with us regarding the design and function of each window type. We can give you sound recommendations based on your practical and aesthetic goals.

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