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Composite Door Installation in Keston

Improve the look and security of your Keston home with composite doors from AP Windows & Doors. Our team focuses on manufacturing and installing doors to the highest standards to deliver superior benefits.

Robust, Long-Lasting Composite Doors

The strength of our composite doors lies in the construction of their sub-frames using robust, water-resistant polymer materials. Such materials are fully reinforced with laminated veneer lumber, as well.

Our composite doors come with triple-sealed outer frames and triple-glazed, toughened glass elements, making them more resistant to impact that may compromise your home security.

We also fit our composite doors with a multi-point locking system complete with anti-bump cylinder locks. With such specifications, our composite doors help keep your family secure day and night.

Stylish, Gorgeous Front Doors

As front doors, our composite doors come in an array of styles, colours and sizes. They are built with fully adjustable hinges to achieve a discreet and perfect fit. The panels are finished beautifully and designed with increasing your home’s kerb appeal in mind. The finish also makes our composite doors easy to maintain. You only need to wipe them clean from time to time. They don’t even need repaints; they can maintain their look for years, thanks to their mix of long-lasting and reinforced materials.

Our composite doors also help increase the value of your home with their excellent thermal efficiency. They reduce heat loss and help you save money on electricity bills, especially during the cold months.

Let Us Help Install Your Composite Doors

At AP Windows & Doors, we specialise in manufacturing beautiful composite doors and installing them properly. With our team’s craftsmanship, you can count on a door that delivers the benefits of composite doors optimally, from additional security features to extra layers of excellent thermal insulation.

Need help choosing the door style for your home? Trust our team to guide you. We will show you an array of options, along with the technical information for each, to help you make an informed decision.

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Technical Information

The depression moulded GRP skins, giving the authentic timber look, are then bonded to this subframe and its core filled with high density, 100% CFC-free
polyurethane foam.

The fully reinforced, triple sealed outer frame, the multi-point security locking system and the unique adjustable hinges make the Consort Magnum a real
heavyweight performer that retains an amazingly light, yet positive easy feel.

  • Triple glazed 6.8mm laminated, toughened glass
  • Standard 5 point locking system with hooks and roller cams
  • Security handle set
  • Anti-bump cylinder locks
  • Unique fully adjustable 3D hinges rebated into the 44mm door for a discreet
    and perfect fit
  • Triple sealed – giving double the weather protection of a standard flush door
  • Impact-resistant thermoset GRP skin will not expand, contract or crack
  • Maintenance free – just wipe clean and never needs painting
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