Composite Door Installation in Anerley

When building or renovating your Anerley house, keep in mind that home security is of equal importance as structural and interior design. Consider installing AP Windows composite doors that feature a classic style and provide optimal security for your household.

Discover the features of our composite doors:

  • Improved Security

    Protect your home from intruders. Our composite doors are made of impact resistant GRP and a rigid polymer subframe. They all have a high-density polyurethane foam core, too. Every glass is glazed and 6.8 mm laminated to match industry standards

  • Weatherproofing

    Your door is one of your home’s greatest defence against cold air during winter, or harsh rain during heavy storms. Our doors keep the elements at bay through a high-performing, weather-resistant glazing system and a weatherproof door leaf.

  • Sound Insulation

    Keep the inside of your house peaceful. Invest in doors with great sound insulation quality. Our composite door products protect your household from external noise because of their top-notch insulating core.

  • Superb Sound and Heat Insulation

    Our doors feature high performance insulating cores, insulated glass units and weighted noise reduction of at least 26-29 decibels. These ensure that your home is insulated all year round and protected from external noise.

  • Durability

    It’s almost easy to overlook the quality of doors because we use them all the time without a second thought. Doors might get word down, too, unless you invest in doors with pedigree. Our products feature high impact-resistant door skins that last for over two decades.

  • Appearance

    Finally, your door has to match your interior design and the overall beauty of your house. Explore the various door styles, door colours and decorative glass choices that we have for you.

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Our composite doors are also virtually maintenance free, so your Anerley home’s façade will always look stunning. You don’t need to repaint them. Just wipe the surface clean now and then.

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Technical Information

The depression moulded GRP skins, giving the authentic timber look, are then bonded to this subframe and its core filled with high density, 100% CFC-free
polyurethane foam.

The fully reinforced, triple sealed outer frame, the multi-point security locking system and the unique adjustable hinges make the Consort Magnum a real
heavyweight performer that retains an amazingly light, yet positive easy feel.

  • Triple glazed 6.8mm laminated, toughened glass
  • Standard 5 point locking system with hooks and roller cams
  • Security handle set
  • Anti-bump cylinder locks
  • Unique fully adjustable 3D hinges rebated into the 44mm door for a discreet
    and perfect fit
  • Triple sealed – giving double the weather protection of a standard flush door
  • Impact-resistant thermoset GRP skin will not expand, contract or crack
  • Maintenance free – just wipe clean and never needs painting
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