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It’s not uncommon for some areas of houses to have more natural lighting than others. If you feel like your residence in Penge has unbalanced light, we have the perfect solution. Here at AP Windows, most clients know we specialise in windows and doors. But we have another option that is sure to transform your home and provide ample outside light.

Enter: roof lanterns. If you’re not familiar with roof lanterns, we encourage you to keep reading to learn more. You’ll find out why roof lanterns are the preferred choice for a natural light source and why we are your source for professional installation.

What Are Roof Lanterns and Why Are They All the Rage?

A roof lantern is a self-contained structure that’s installed in your celling. It’s made of glass and features a metal frame and glazing, which directs light into your space below. While these features might sound like they’re all about aesthetics, the benefits are actually more practical than you might think.

Roof lanterns can provide natural lighting inside your home, which can be difficult to do in older buildings where the ceiling height limits how much natural light reaches the inside of the house. They also serve as an attractive focal point for your home’s design style.

Moreover, it’s a beautiful piece of architecture that offers benefits such as:

  • Higher ceiling
  • Spacious appearance
  • Less eye strain
  • Improved mood

These benefits alone are usually enough to convince homeowners that roof lanterns are the way to go for natural light. With more interior light coming in, you’re likely to feel better and be more productive. These are must-have benefits if you work from home.

But that’s not all; roof lanterns give you a direct view of the night sky, as well. With so many reasons to choose roof lanterns, you can trust that you’re making a sound investment for your home.

Penge’s Local Roof Lantern Installers 

Here at AP Windows, we strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction. That’s why our team is made up of industry experts who excel in roof lantern installation. We have more than 20 years of extensive experience handling doors, windows, and roof lanterns.

Combined with our affordable prices, we are Penge’s trusted choice for superior home additions. So if you’re ready to discuss any of the professional services we offer, we invite you to contact us to get started. We are happy to help you pick out the style, design, and colour of your new roof lanterns.

Or, if you prefer, we’ll leave it entirely up to you. Once you’ve decided which roof lanterns and configurations you want in your Penge home, we will set up a time to install them. And once installed, you get the added benefit of our 10-year guarantee.

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