Roof Lanterns in Chislehurst

Many homes have rooms that seem like they just can’t get enough light. Do you have this problem in your Chislehurst residence? You’ve likely tried adding lamps and other light sources but to no avail. Depending on the architecture of your room, it may just attract darkness more so than light.

So, what are you supposed to do? Thanks to the innovations of roof lanterns, you can finally get all the natural lighting you want. AP Windows is Chislehurst’s trusted resource for professional roof lantern installations.

We can enhance your space with a stunning roof lantern to ensure optimal lighting. Below, you will learn what makes roof lanterns superior to traditional skylights and why you should call the pros at AP Windows for your installation needs.

What Are Roof Lanterns?

Roof lanterns work on the same principle as skylights. They let natural light into your home via glass panels in the ceiling. But roof lanterns surpass skylights in a couple of different ways. For starters, roof lanterns feature more than just a flat glass panel.

Instead, there are multiple glass panels. And they don’t rest flat, either. The glass panels that make up roof lanterns are positioned so that light gets directed into your home from every angle. This results in more natural light than ever before, flooding your space with all the light you could possibly want.

The other primary benefit of roof lanterns lies in their appearance. Far more attractive than conventional skylights, roof lanterns are highly appealing, adding character to any space with features that promote a sense of uniqueness.

Here at AP Windows, we offer different variations of roof lanterns to ensure that you get precisely what you want. Our expert staff can help you choose the style that best complements your home, all while delivering quality performance.

For example, you can choose between Contemporary design, 3-way design, or 2-way design. Moreover, you can choose different finishes so that your new roof lantern perfectly matches your décor and interior design.

As you can see, we strive for your complete satisfaction and will work with you to ensure that your needs are met.

Why Choose AP Windows

AP Windows is committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our dedication to ensuring every client’s contentment extends to all our services, whether it’s roof lanterns front doors or anything in between. As such, we invite you to reach out to us with questions or queries regarding your home’s requirements.

With over two decades of service in Chislehurst and the surrounding areas, we have strived to provide every client with precise, efficient, and knowledgeable service.

What’s more, our mission is to deliver exceptional products and services at reasonable and budget-friendly prices. If you’ve been envisioning the addition of roof lanterns to your space but are concerned about the cost, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at AP Windows today. We will provide you with an estimation that aims to fit your budget without compromising on style.

The benefits of installing with AP Windows don’t end there. Every installation service we provide comes with a 10-year guarantee. We maintain independent insurance coverage, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to standing behind our work.

High-Quality Roof Lanterns in Chislehurst

For over two decades, AP Windows has proudly served Kent and the surrounding areas. Over the years, we have carefully and decidedly improved on our services. In doing so, we have become more efficient, all while keeping our prices reasonable and affordable.

As a result, you are getting superior service from expert installers who understand the importance of longevity and reliability. To discuss roof lanterns or any of our other services, please contact us on 0208 090 3500 or fill out our contact form to get started.

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Roof Lanterns FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Do I need permission for a roof lantern?
A) In most cases, adding a roof lantern to your home is considered a permitted development. However, certain conditions may apply, and it’s recommended to check with your local planning authority or consult with AP Windows for specific guidance.
Q2) Are roof lanterns a good idea?
A) Roof lanterns are an excellent idea for bringing natural light into your living spaces, creating an open and airy atmosphere. They enhance the aesthetics of your home and can contribute to energy efficiency. Contact AP Windows to discuss how a roof lantern can benefit your Chislehurst residence.
Q3) Do you need permission for sky lanterns?
A) Sky lanterns are different from roof lanterns. While roof lanterns are usually covered under permitted development, sky lanterns may have restrictions due to safety and environmental concerns. It’s advisable to check local regulations or consult with AP Windows for guidance.
Q4) Can you add a roof lantern to an existing roof?
A) Yes, it is possible to add a roof lantern to an existing roof. However, it’s recommended to consult with a professional to ensure that the installation is done correctly and safely.
Q5) What are the specific regulations for installing roof lanterns in Chislehurst?
A) The installation of a new rooflight generally requires approval under the Building Regulations for the following reasons: to install a rooflight, the roof structure will generally need to be altered to create the opening; the roof will have to be able to carry the load (weight) of the new rooflight; any rooflight that is installed will need to prove that it has sufficient insulation against heat loss i.e. is energy efficient; if the rooflight is in close proximity to a boundary, the fire performance of the rooflight will need to be considered. Please check with your local planning authority or consult with AP Windows for specific guidance.
Q6) Are there any conservation area considerations for roof lanterns in Chislehurst?
A) If your property is located in a conservation area, you may need to obtain planning permission before installing a roof lantern. It’s recommended to check with your local planning authority or consult with AP Windows for specific guidance.
Q7) Do I need to adhere to any design guidelines for roof lanterns in Chislehurst?
A) There are no specific design guidelines for roof lanterns in Chislehurst. However, it’s recommended to consult with a professional to ensure that the installation is done correctly and safely.