Bi-Folding Door Installation in Orpington

Open up to a new way of living with bi-fold doors from AP Windows. Blurring the lines between the home and the outdoors, our range of bi-fold door systems creates a versatile and flowing living space. In the summer, you can open them wide to let the fresh air in and relax in a stylish extended area. During the winter, you can seal them tight and cosy up indoors without losing stunning views of your garden.

Our bi-fold doors are attractive alternatives to French or patio doors, adding a touch of finesse and sophistication to any external aspect of your property. They can be installed in a way that when folded back, the doors sit either outside or inside the home. Engineered with excellent precision, they glide smoothly even with the lightest touch. The doors also feature advanced multi locking systems to keep your home safe and secure.

Aside from being a beautiful and functional way to draw the ambience of the outdoors into the comfort of your home, our bi-fold doors can also separate indoor rooms. For the modern Orpington home, the bi-fold doors make for a space divider or smart and elegant wardrobe doors.

Features and Benefits of our Bi-Fold Doors:

  • ‘A’ rated energy efficiency

    Our bi-fold doors feature advanced technology that produces a thermal transmittance barrier between the outdoor cold and the warmth of the indoors. This keeps your home cosy and comfortable even during the coldest of days, helping you reduce your electricity bills.

  • Available in a wide range of colours

    The doors are finished in polyester powder coated paint. They’re available in various colours and finishes that include metallic paint options, realistic wood structure and dual colour.

  • Full range of styles and sizes

    The bi-fold doors’ signature curved lines and smooth contours create a stunning aesthetic that will suit any home, whatever your style or taste.

  • Latest Technology

    Here at AP Widows, we use the latest technology on all of our installations. This ensures that our customers can enjoy the lasts security. So, when you install bi-folding doors with us, your home will remain secured and safe. In other words, you’re also investing in increased privacy and protection when you purchase our bi-folding doors.

    What’s more you will benefit from sound and heat insulation when you install our doors. The high-tech nature of these doors means that you will stay warm and you won’t hear the bustle of the outside world. So, you can enjoy peace, quiet and warmth when you install our doors.

  • Our Doors

    Here at AP Windows, we have a range of doors to choose from and here are some of our favourites:

    Visofold Doors- A Visofold slide folding door’s contemporary design will lend a refined touch to any of your home’s exterior features. When Visofold is closed, it complements your house with an eye-catching glass façade that has elegant curved features. To create a magnificent opening that brings the outside into the comfort of your home, fold the sashes back.

    Visoglide Doors- Visoglide sliding doors provide the best performance and are dependability tested to the highest standards. Strong, thermally fractured aluminium parts allow for the construction of stunning sliding mechanisms. These substantial sliding doors create a thermally efficient glass façade when they are closed, which is a brilliant way to flood a room with light and take in stunning vistas.

    The aluminium profiles from Visoglide are designed with a chic, contemporary appearance and recognisable, powerful lines that counterbalance the excellence of the substantial sashes.

    Slide Doors- Your home’s outside features benefit from the elegant beauty of slide doors. The sleek thermally split parts have a subduedly sophisticated look that gives your home a fashionable sense.

    Slide patio doors have recognisable, aesthetically beautiful, slimline designs that maximise the amount of light and space in your home.

  • Our Guaruntee

    When you install our bi-fold doors we are sure you’ll love them. This is because we only use the highest quality materials to create our gorgeous doors. We manufacture secure, visually beautiful, and strong bi-folding doors. In addition, we work hard to provide the top client service. We will assist you at every stage, from installation to any required maintenance.

    We are confident that you will be impressed with our durable and beautiful doors. This confidence is translated to our 10-year insured independent warranty. This means our installations have you covered should anything go wrong.

  • Low maintenance

    Our bi-fold doors come with the assurance that you expect from a quality designed product. They are specifically designed for durability and strength, ensuring you of a structurally sound product that delivers reliable performance and requires minimal maintenance.

Bring the great outdoors to your home today with bi-fold door installation from AP Windows. For more information and enquiries, contact us today.

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The benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors offer a range of benefits that not only enhance your home’s living experience but improve it. Here are some of the benefits you can expect with bi-fold doors:

Natural Light: Bi-fold doors are designed to maximise the light that enters your living space thanks to their large glass panels. This not only creates a brighter and more inviting atmosphere but can also reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, saving energy costs.

Enhanced Ventilation: Bi-folding doors are popular for their ventilation benefits. When fully opened, bi-fold doors allow fresh air to flow freely into your home. This can help maintain a comfortable indoor environment and improve air quality

Energy Efficiency: Our bi-fold doors are designed with energy-efficient features, such as thermal breaks and double-glazing. This helps maintain indoor temperatures and reduces heating and cooling costs.

Space-Saving: You can expect to widen your living space with bi-fold doors. They neatly fold back which means they occupy minimal space. This makes them ideal for areas with limited room for swinging doors.

Flexible Opening Options: You can partially open bi-fold doors to create a smaller doorway for quick access or fully open them to create a wide-open space. This versatility allows you to adapt the door’s configuration to your needs.

Technical Information

Great design meets the latest technical and security specifications.

  • British Standard PAS 24 multi-locking system
  • Highest DSER ‘A’ energy efficiency rating
  • 16 door style configurations
  • Sash width of up to 1 metre
  • Up to 6 metres wide
  • Three thresholds available – standard, low and ultra-low for interior use
  • Huge range of colours and woodgrains available
  • Fully adjustable hinges
  • Reversible guide wheels
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