Double Glazed Window Repair Services in Welling

Double Glazed Window Repair Services in Welling

Double glazed windows are fantastic investments for any home but they also undergo the usual wear and tear. If you need to have your double glazed windows repaired or replaced, AP Windows & Doors is at your service. For over 20 years, we have been providing excellent double glazing repair services in Welling and the surrounding areas. No matter how big or small your windows are, we can fix them for you.

We replace and repair double glazed windows with the following issues:

Misted Double Glazed Panes

When the seal that secures your window panes breaks, condensation will form on the panes, resulting in a misted window. To fix your cloudy problem, you don’t have to change the entire window unit. The only parts that need to be replaced are the double glazed panes.

Changing the panes can be tricky to do on your own so it’s best to consult our experts. They can do the job quickly and efficiently by replacing your old glass panes with new ones.

Broken Hinges and Locks

Window hinges and locks are vital parts of your home’s security infrastructure. When they get broken, they pose a threat to the security of your family and home. The broken hinges and locks can also allow in a cold draught or release heat through your windows.

At AP Windows & Doors, our window specialists are highly trained to repair all types of locks and hinges on windows. They’ll make sure that your windows’ hinges and multi-point locking systems function properly and ensure your units adhere to the BS7950 security standard.

Cracked Windows

If you have a crack in one of your windows, no matter how tiny, our window specialists can replace the glass for you. It doesn’t matter if the frames are UPVC, aluminium or timber as our experts have worked with various types of frame materials. We’ll take out the cracked glass and replace it with a new one, instantly improving your window’s appearance.

For any enquiries regarding our services, call us on 0208 090 3500. Aside from Welling, we also serve Bromley, Erith, Sevenoaks, Orpington and the surrounding areas. For more information and enquiries regarding our services, call us on 0208 090 3500. Aside from Sevenoaks, we also service Erith, Bromley, Orpington and other surrounding areas.

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