Window Repair Services in Petts Wood

Window Repair Services in Petts Wood

Windows are both functional and aesthetic additions to any home. It’s no wonder why damage to it should be taken seriously. Broken or cracked windows and windows with cloudy glass not only pull down your property’s market value, but they also pose a threat to your safety. As such, AP Windows & Doors offers different window repair services to homeowners in Petts Wood. Our specialists will work to ensure that your window receives the appropriate repairs.

Misted Double-Glazed Panes

When double-glazed windows get misty, it means its vacuum seal is compromised. This weak point causes condensation to enter the space between the panes. Our specialists resolve this issue by replacing both glass panes before completely resealing the window, preventing further complications due to incompatible panes.

Broken Hinges and Locks

A common problem for older window systems is broken hinges and locks. Our specialists eliminate the security risk by fixing these components so they function properly in the multi-point locking system. After which, they will assess the system to verify if it complies with the BS7950 security standard which certifies the security of windows for domestic applications.

Cracked Windows

No matter how damage-proof your window glass is, it can still break. When left unchecked, small cracks grow and cause the window to shatter. Our specialists will replace the broken glass pane to keep your home safe from injury hazards and forced entry. They will only do so only with the broken glass, whether it is the interior or exterior piece.

Reliable Window Repair Services

As a window and door specialist, AP Windows & Doors has the knowledge and expertise to address your window repair concerns. When you contact our specialists, they will come to your place to assess the damage to determine which approach can effectively fix the damage. From aluminium to UPVC, our specialists are trained to handle any type of window system.

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