Professional Window Repair Services in Orpington

Professional Window Repair Services in Orpington

Does your window have a crack? Have the hinges rusted over? Can’t see anything through the glass? If you answered yes to any of these, then you are in dire need of help from a window professional. AP Windows & Doors provides window repair services to clients throughout Orpington. We use our skills and industry experience to determine the best course of action to fix your windows.

Misted Double-Glazed Panes

The condensation that creates mist in double-glazed windows is the result of a broken seal. We fix this problem by replacing the two glass panes and making sure that they are sealed tightly. Simply resealing the window will only cause visibility problems in the long term, after all. This meticulous approach ensures that your double-glazed windows are vacuum sealed and protected from bad weather.

Broken Hinges and Locks

Broken locks and hinges are one of the most common window problems. Caused by either rust or tampering, these security risks are easily repairable. Our specialists will repair these components accordingly to ensure that each function in the multi-point locking system. At the end, we include an assessment to verify your windows meet the BS7950 security standard which specifies the performance of windows for domestic applications.

Cracked Windows

Even the smallest crack can grow large enough to break your window system. To prevent this scenario, we can replace the broken glass as soon as you see it. Whether it is the interior or exterior glass that’s the issue, trust that our specialists can refit either one in a timely manner.

Reliable Window Repair Services

AP Windows & Doors has fully trained specialists that can repair any window. From aluminium to UPVC, our specialists are experienced in the craft of servicing double-glazed windows. They take the necessary steps in order to assess the damage so that the solution they implement is effective and long-term.

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