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Professional Window Repair Service in Bickley

The windows of a house bring in natural light, adequate ventilation, and warmth. However, when a window is damaged, such as cracks in the panes or rusted hinges, these small problems can deteriorate to cause problems with security and insulation in your home.

AP Windows & Doors are professionals providing window repair services to homes in Bickley. We take pride in our team of window specialists who have the skills and experience to determine the best solution and carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.

AP Windows & Doors resolve the following window problems:

Misted Double-Glazed Panes

The problems of misting up is from the condensation entering the cavity between the glass panes of your double glazed windows. This problem is normally due to a broken seal in the glazing unit. AP Windows & Doors can replace the glass panes and ensure that they are airtight. The short term solution of simply resealing the window might cause even more problems in the long term, which is why it is recommended to completely replace the unit.

Broken Hinges and Locks

Caused by wear and tear, rust or tampering, damaged locks and hinges are a common problem with windows. With AP Windows & Doors’ team of window specialists, this problem can easily be solved. We will repair the affected components to make sure that your windows are fully-functional and meets BS7950 security standard, which specifies the performance of windows for domestic applications.

Cracked Windows

Slight cracks in the glass may look insignificant at first, but can lead to a bigger problem and window damage. In order to prevent this problem, replace the glass as soon as the problem is identified. Our window specialists can replace any interior or exterior glass quickly and efficiently.

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